BrewKeg50 Commercial Testimonials

We've got some great supporters of our BrewKeg50 already. Here's a few words from a couple of fans. 





Fine Food NZ 

Within a few months of launching the BrewKeg50, the invention won two prestigious awards at Fine Food NZ, the International trade event for the food service, food retail and hospitality industries. The BrewKeg50 won both the Most Innovative New Equipment Award and the James & Wells Champion of Innovation Award. Choosing the winners proved difficult, says Donna White, CEO of North Port Events, which runs Fine Food New Zealand. “Due to the high calibre of entrants, our judges had no easy task”. Says Dona White of the winners: “Food, beverage and hospitality are all growth areas in New Zealand, and it’s fantastic to see an investment in exciting new products that will fuel the industry.”

For articles on this win see here, here and here.  

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The Fox, Auckland

"We started brewing our own beer at the Fox in May last year when we launched the Fox Gold. Very quickly it had a strong following with our customers so we started brewing the Fox American Pale Ale. Nowadays we have 5 Fox taps that include the Cub at 2.5%, an Ale and an Apple Cider. We brew a combination of on and offsite now as we can’t keep up with demand with the Gold being our number one selling beer! Our customers are loving drinking fresh beer that our staff can passionately give them background on how it’s brewed and the ingredients used. We are also running brewing classes where customers can be taught by our brewing experts on how to make their own beer and then come back 7 days later and drink it in the pub". 

Brett, Owner of The Fox, Auckland, NZ



Al's Deli, Auckland

"I first brewed two beers in the WilliamsWarn BrewKeg50™ and they were both commercial quality and I was proud to serve them over my bar. In fact the American Pale Ale was amazing. I followed the instructional video and the user manual and found the process very simple and easy to follow. With the low set up cost and quick return on investment I have just put in an order for a whole lot of BrewKegs and am building a bar around the concept. Next up is a plum cider!"

Alex, Owner of Al's Deli, Auckland, NZ. 


Ploughmans Restaurant, Taupo

"We have begun brewing with the BrewKeg50 at Ploughmans Restaurant in Taupo.  We created the brand "Escape Brewing" and rolled it out to our guests. They like the idea of fresh, local beer that we have a story about. We have found the process to be simple, quick and producing a great product our guests love. We have the flexibility to be as creative as we want using the base recipes and advanced recipes and are able to create something unique to "Escape Brewing"  The guys at WilliamsWarn have been able to help us tweak our process and recipes and Escape Beer is as popular as our mainstream beers.'

Rick Keehan, Plougmans Restaurant, Taupo. 

For an online feature article on Rick's brewing, click on this link: 



We'd like to congratulate the guys at BrewStation for their Bronze Medal win at the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards 2016. BrewStation is a small and innovative brewing company in Auckland, that started their brewing life using our WilliamsWarn BrewKeg50's and ingredients. They have expanded and make kegged beer for pubs and restaurants as a contract brewer and have their own bottled brands. The beer they won the Award for is "Fear of the Dark", a high alcohol Stout, and in this case was made in a BrewKeg50 with WilliamsWarn Stout liquid malt extract, decent amounts of our dry malt extract, 4 types of steeped specialty grains and some steeped US hops. It's great to see WilliamsWarn extract and products once again compete well among the large commercial breweries in yet another national beer competition. Owner Blair Mortland says "The BK50's are a great product and they enabled us to start our brewing company with minimal capital outlay. We use them to make new, tailor-made beer and cider kegs to suit the publicans specific needs, putting the control back in their hands. And when we use WilliamsWarn malt extracts and yeast, like in this instance, they always come out amazing and the punters love the products poured at the bar. It's no surprise this beer scored a medal at the Guild Awards and we're stoked". Well done guys.



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