WilliamsWarn® has 14 beer kits and a cider kit that all match styles from the BJCP Style Guidlelines. We also have Advanced Recipes explaining how to add extra hops and malts to make more beer styles.

Traditional home brewers without a WilliamsWarn® can still use our kits in their own system and brew a 5-6 US gallon batch. See our Traditional Homebrewing Instructions for details. 

If you are an all-grain brewer rather than a malt extract brewer, just add 19-23 litres (5-6 US gallons) of your own wort to the BrewMaster or BrewKeg at below 40'C/104'F, cool to pitching temperature, add yeast and follow the User Manuals from there.

Our Malt Extracts

At WilliamsWarn® we have produced both the BrewMaster and BrewKegs for both extract brewers and all-grain brewers.  All-grain brewers can make their own wort from malted barley grains and use our hardware to make a better, fresher beer in a proper brewing time. Extract brewers can re-hydrate our products or other brands of concentrated malt extract and do the same.

Our liquid extract is made in a state-of-the-art brewhouse in a modern brewery. Once the wort is made, it goes through a gentle, low heat evaporation process to make the liquid or dry malt extract.
Our dry malt extract is unhopped wort from the brewhouse that has been dried gently into powder form. It is used in conjunction with a can of hopped LME in the Standard kits or used alone or added as extra extract in our Advanced Recipes.

Our Yeast

Our yeast is a big part of our success in making beers that beat international beers at the Asia Beer awards in 2012 and 2013. We only use Fermentis and Lallemand dry yeast. They ferment the beer and cider in days like a professional brewery, flocculate well when finished, clear well with our clarification agent and provide necessary flavours and aromas. When you pitch these yeasts into your wort, you’ll see activity within hours.  



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