WilliamsWarn have taken their patented technology for brewing award winning fresh beer at home and have developed a solution for home users with their own heating and cooling capability. 



The BrewKeg50™ can produce 50 litres of beer or cider in 5-7 days. With only 20-30 minutes work required per week anyone can produce premium beer or cider at significantly less than the cost of commercially equivalent beverages. Brew and dispense from the BrewKeg™ or transfer with WilliamsWarn accessories to Cornelius kegs, growlers or bottles and immediately start a fresh brew. The system only needs a room or fridge with an ambient temperature for fermentation (18-28ºC) and a fridge or chiller for cooling and clarification.

The BrewKeg50™ is perfect for all-grain brewers to carbonate, clarify and dispense a brew all in the one vessel or you can use the WilliamsWarn product range which are malt extract kits made to the highest standards. The ingredients deliver the base for almost unlimited creativity to custom brew whatever you enjoy drinking. 

You can brew up to 50 litres in the BrewKeg50™ and if you are using our ingredient packs you can use two Liquid Malt Extract cans, two yeast sachets and either a 3kg bag of our Dry Malt extract or two 1.36kg bags.

For examples on how some of our existing home users have been brewing using the BrewKeg50™ check out the Testimonials Page.

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