The first product we launched with was our BrewMaster, the worlds first all-in-one brewing appliance. 

The Brewery makes cold, clear, perfectly carbonated beer in 7 days, just like a modern brewery. Cider is made in 4½ days. 

You can either use malt extract as a base ingredient or your own wort if you are an all-grain brewer. 

This product has carbonation and clarification control, like our newer BrewKeg products, however it has the extra benefit of total temperature control at the touch of a button. Watch our instructional video below to see how it controls the brewing process for you or print this poster for an overview.   

The Brewery makes 23 litres per brew (7 days) which is the equivalent of 5½ dozen 330ml (12 fl.oz.) bottles of beverage. If the brewery production schedule is a brew per week (e.g. a Brew Club of a few owners, an office etc.) the payback is about 2 years in New Zealand and Australia when comparing to normal mainstream beer and about 7 months for the more expensive craft beers on offer. See the payback calculation here for more details. 

In the entire history of brewing there are only 2 home brewers who have ever beaten the big breweries in an International Beer Competition and they both did so using a WilliamsWarn BrewMaster and WilliamsWarn Ingredients. Check out the Gold Medal page here for that story. 

The BrewMaster also has an army of satisfied customers. Check out all the photos and quotes of the many customers who absolutely love their machine on the photo testimonail page here. Many owners will publically state it is the best thing they have ever bought. 

After you have made the beverage, you can either consume it directly out of the BrewMaster, bottle it using our counter-pressure bottle filler, or keg it into Cornelius kegs and consume draft beer out of a kegerator. Or do all three! 

We have 14 beer kits and 1 cider kit. These kits match 15 specific beverage styles within an official US list known as the BJCP Style Guidelines. However, on top of that we provide Advanced Recipes so you can make almost all the 80 official beer and cider styles on this list, using our kits as a base and soaking extra hops and malted barley. There are unlimited creative possibilities for brewing all sorts of craft brews and beverages in a BrewMaster and we open that door for you. After a while, you become a BrewMaster. 



We currently have local online distribution set up in New Zealand and Australia for this BrewMaster™. If you purchase from this website by choosing a brewery option below, in these two countries we will ship the breweries to your door. Kiwis and Aussies can also buy on finance terms, with payments over time, through Harvey Norman in NZ and AU as well as E&S Trading in Melbourne. Australians may also purchase through the BBQ School in Sydney and Winequip in Melbourne.

Very shortly this model will also be on Amazon USA for purchase within the United States.

We also have local distributers in Singapore, Israel, Russia and Hong Kong and you can see their details on our Contact Us page so please contact them for more information.  


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