A WilliamsWarn BrewMaster™ or BrewKeg™ allows you to brew as you like, from a basic ‘just add water’ method to some slightly more advanced options using malt, hops and other ingredients. You can either use WilliamsWarn extracts or other companies' extracts as they are, or with some extra steeped malts and hops to add extra flavours. Or you can also go All-Grain and add your own wort made with a separate All-Grain system.

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The Standard Method

In this method, we supply you with the extract and yeast, and you just add the water and make the beer as per the instructions. We have 14 beer kits and 1 cider kit on offer. There are no extra ingredients to handle and you don’t need experience to produce a great tasting beer. All our extracts are made in a modern brewhouse and the yeasts are the best dry yeasts available. You don’t need a kitchen either, as it’s all made in the vessel. Even if you start getting into the more advanced and creative methods, you can always make a great beer by returning to the Standard Method.

You can also use malt extracts made by other companies.

The Advanced Method

There are 90 beers in the BJCP Style Guidelines (http://www.bjcp.org/). We cannot supply all these beer styles via the Standard Method but we can still make them all in WilliamsWarn harsware. 

What we do is offer another brewing method. It is what the American homebrewers call 'extract plus grains' or 'the steeping method'.

In this method you can use our pre-hopped kits but add extra flavours by steeping hops and/or specialty grains and therefore make a larger variety of beer styles. To add aroma from any hops, you only need a French coffee press (coffee plunger) or a funnel and strainer and hot water. You can also use our unhopped light dry malt extract as the base malted barley ingredient and boil hops to add bitterness, flavour and aroma from them. For specialty grains, they just need to be soaked in hot water for 30 minutes to extact the aromas, flavours and colours we need from them. They don't need a full mash/lauter/boil/whirlpool process as base malts do when using the all-grain method, but they add lots of flavours. The specialty grains and hops are removed and the water they were soaked in then gets added to the BrewMaster™ or BrewKeg™. You then add the base malt extract, water and yeast as you would in the Standard Method, but the extra step of using some coloured malt and hops gives enormous flexibility to make many beer styles. This is how we won the Gold Medal for Pilsner at the Asia Beer Awards in 2012, beating 45 fullscale breweries.

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The Creative Method and All-Grain brewing

As you get more experience with the Standard and Advanced Methods, there will be a natural progression towards being more creative and making your own recipes. You will be able to buy ingredients from us or other sources and play around with hops, malts, other grains, special extracts, special ingredients, strange ingredients and see what comes out the other end. Perhaps you’d like to make a beer with five random hops and five random special malts? Perhaps you’ll get into fruit beer or chilli beers? Perhaps you start adding spices from your kitchen? You may also like to start trying all-grain brewing rather than extract brewing.

In any case, the brewing world will be your oyster because you own a WilliamsWarn Brewery.


The Ingredients We Supply

When you're using our Standard kits, we supply Liquid Malt Extract, Dry Malt Extract and Yeast as a kit.

When using our Advanced Recipes, you'll be using our standard kits and mainly some other specialty malts and hops, depending on the beer style being made.


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